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This is a weekly workshop for anyone from age 7 who likes to draw and doodle. Over 5 sessions (during term times) you will create one (or several) cartoon characters, invent a storyline and draw the whole thing into a cartoon strip which we then mount onto foam board to display. You can truly let your imagination fly and visualize anything  you want to tell. 

The workshop (5 sessions) costs £20.-

The NEXT WORKSHOP STARTS Saturday 10th June at 10.30am at the SWANSEA CHINESE SCHOOL, 49 Walter Road, Swansea SA1 5PW

To book your place,  please drop a line at or give me a call on 07791005819


Each year, the Canadian government gives hunters the green light to blungeon to death hundreds of thousands

of baby harp seals (read more about it at  So i created "Cool Bear" character....check out what he does....

Seals_1 copy.jpg_small
Seals_2 copy.jpg_small
Seals_3 copy.jpg_small
Seals_4 copy.jpg_small
Seals_5 copy.jpg_small
Seals_6 copy.jpg_small
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